Our Mission

About Global Faith Network

Global Faith Network, a compassionate ministry that collaborates with existing organizations in Guatemala to provide comprehensive support for their various needs. Our primary objective is to assist local leaders and pastors so they focusing their efforts on the vital work they undertake to enhance the lives of the individuals they serve.

Our Mission

Engaging people and connecting resources.

Our Purpose

To walk with Grassroots leaders as they change the world they live in.

Our Vision

To see a world where equipped leaders create sustainable communities.


Koop Family Picture

J.P. & Suzanne live in Hudsonville, Michigan. They are the proud parents of a blended family of nine. Their interest in international missions began over 23 years ago in Vietnam through JP’s parents, Don & Jan Koop, when they started Hands of Hope Int’l, now called Global Faith Network. This ministry led to the adoption of his eldest daughter, Mayleah which led to two more adoptions of Jenny and Donny, both of whom are from Guatemala. The Koop’s have four more children, Alex, Rachael, Gavin and Katie, who all share the passion to make a difference. The Koop’s have felt a calling to serve and have only reaffirmed this calling through the amazing ministry partners they have met and the relationships they have built in Guatemala.

Huizenga Family Picture

Brett and Greta Huizenga and their three boys Max (20),Jack (18),and Will (16), live in Hudsonville, Michigan. Brett runs a landscape company while Greta is an Interior Designer. In 2012, they went on their first of many vision trips to Guatemala, and saw a different world than what had been so familiar to them. This ignited a spark in their hearts to make a difference and bring awareness to the amazing ministries that they had connected with. Being a part of Global Faith Network is a way for them to nurture these relationships and to help increase God’s global family.

Armas Family Picture
Jose and Erin served for over 15 years in zone 18 of Guatemala City where Jose was born and raised. They helped develop programs that would be self-sustainable, based on challenging Guatemalans to help support Guatemalans. The local giving over the years has been abundant and continues today through the ministries that carry the same vision: “Sharing the love of Jesus”. Jose and Erin Armas and their three children Daniel, Sofia, and Samuel live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Erin teaches third grade in a Christian school where their two youngest children attend. Jose is on the board of Global Faith Network and serves as operations director for the organization.


Established in 2000 as a Christian non-profit 501(c)(3) organization under the name Hands of Hope Int’l, Global Faith Network embarked on a mission to enhance the health, education, and economic conditions of disabled children and families in Vietnam.

Our journey commenced with a ministry for street kids, which gradually expanded as the government expressed interest in our involvement with disabled children and their families. Our programs encompassed vital medical services such as health check-ups, screenings, life-changing surgeries, provision of prosthetic devices and wheelchairs, and training for physicians serving disabled children. We also extended scholarships for education and offered comprehensive support to families, including housing, sustenance, and vocational training through micro-finance loans.

However, over time, the government imposed stricter regulations, diminishing our ministry’s effectiveness and escalating operational costs. While we impacted the lives of over 8,000 children, we encountered limitations in sharing the hope we deeply believe in—Jesus.

Thus, in January of 2010, we made the momentous decision to officially conclude our operations in Vietnam and redirect our efforts to Guatemala, where we can minister to at-risk children without government interference. Interestingly, our initial initiative in Guatemala mirrored our humble beginnings in Vietnam—working with street kids. Truly, God works in amazing ways!

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