Tesoros de Gracia-Canalitos

Shorty’s Ministry

Erwin “Shorty” Luna
If there is one thing you can say about Shorty it is that he has the gift to plant churches. Through his unbelievable life experiences, he has shared his story of perseverance, brokenness and redemption to bring so many to Christ. He knows God isn’t through with him yet and lives with passion to do the work God has enabled him to do. He frequently speaks on the “Drug Free” tour, which is held at schools and universities across Guatemala, and shares his testimony.

Tesoros de Gracia-Canalitos/La Limonada/Zone1
Shorty has planted churches in Canalitos, La Limonada, and Zone 1. The mission is focused on local community churches and reaching out to the residents in each area. Shorty leads several dynamic worship services every week and the churches are growing. They have special children’s programs on Saturday that 40-60 children attend. Please pray for protection for Shorty as gang activity is high in these areas.

Canalitos Church

Zone 1 Church